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Dr. Jason Hosch is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (LCCC). He acquired his MA in Counseling Psychology in 1995 from the University of North Florida. In 2010, he attained his PhD in Clinical Christian Psychology through the National Christian Counselors Association, and he was ordained. He has his certifications in Temperament Therapy and Neuro-Lingistic Programming (NLP). He has also been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a very effective form of trauma therapy.

Over the years, Dr. Hosch has worked with various community and private agencies, working with adolescents, adults, and families. He currently works in private practice as Life Transitions Counseling in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Dr. Hosch embraces a passion for helping people find hope, healing, and freedom in their lives from bondage and oppression.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Intimacy-related issues

I also have experience in LGBT, Family conflicts, Grief, Eating disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coping with life changes, ADHD

Years of Experience: 24

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LMHC #MH5348 (Expires: 2021-03-01)


Written by A.N. on Feb 11, 2020 after counseling with Jason for 2 months on issues concerning depression, relationship issues, family conflicts, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, anger management, career difficulties, coaching, and adhd

Dr. Hosch is one of the better doctors I've worked with. He's on time, he listens, and he gets down to the issue relatively quickly. Much of the time is used on therapy. I appreciate the work we've done together and look forward to working with him.

Written by G.R. on Jan 30, 2020 after counseling with Jason for 2 months

Have never had such an amazing counselor. Dr Jaxon he is kind, knowledgeable and does not judge me.

Written by R.E. on Jan 05, 2020 after counseling with Jason for 3 months

I recommended my counselor already to another family. Thank you!

Written by M.A. on Nov 23, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 4 weeks

Dr Hosch is amazing and helpful!

Written by A.L. on Nov 18, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 1 month

Dr. Hosch is phenomenal. I've learned so much about myself but more importantly, he's equipped me with the tools I need to be a better husband. I can't praise his expertise enough.

Written by V.I. on Nov 05, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 3 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related issues, eating disorders, self esteem, anger management, career difficulties, and coping with life changes

When I was a kid I remember getting on my bike for the first time. Training wheels, Helmet, Knee Pads and all with my Mother by my side. That excitement of something new and also that feeling of danger because I didn't know what would happen next.

Eventually it transformed into still the Pads and Helmet with my Mother there and no more training wheels. That level of concentration that comes when I knew that a fail-safe had left, and that need to Focus because the stakes were higher.

Then finally it evolved into me out there by myself, and the fun of trying to pop wheelies started. That liberation of knowing that I could do it on my own, even no matter how many times I might fall down, I'd get back up scrapes and all and keep riding with a smile on my face. Because the world was mine to experience and enjoy; cool breeze on the face and the feeling of being in motion!

That is the exact experience I felt when I worked with Dr. Hosch.

When I first reached out to Dr. Hosch I was experiencing extreme crippling anxiety. I was failing to communicate with my friends, family and loved ones. I would sit in my room upstairs afraid to go downstairs and even speak with people who I had known for over 10 years because of the pain I felt imagining what they might say to me or how I would respond to them.

I would imagine being paralyzed by their questions and their stares, until I reached a point of blowing up at them. After working on the front end with Dr. Hosch, we were able to assess that I was suffering from PTSD due to my upbringing in an abusive household. And that I was having boundary and expectation problems underneath the paralyzing fear.

Dr. Hosch always made me feel comfortable and was extremely patient with me. I never felt pushed or like I was being asked to do something that I didn't want to. Which were always the fears that I held onto from the past.

He was able to recommend reading material and provided me with Accountability. Not like a Lording Father or Controlling Mother, but as a friend who would check in on my own words that I contracted with him. I never felt like I was failing Dr. Hosch, only that I needed to keep my expectations to myself, and follow through for my sake. He truly helped me teen counseling my self-confidence and even helped me unlock honesty within myself to be able to state my wants/needs.

I still have a journey ahead of me, however, I have learned the power of Grace and see my friends through a new lens as to the Love they constantly offer me. I am able to identify the people who remind me of those archetype figures in my life that I feel self-suppression from, and the people who encourage and support me.

I have more clarity as to whom I want to associate with, and how to properly communicate with them.

Dr. Hosch offered me trauma work through EMDR, and the entire process was Cathartic to say the least . I was capable of letting go of the Anger that I had held onto for so long, and under that Anger I found Sorrow, and that Sorrow began to transform into Hope and Love.

Not everyday is Perfect, and that's okay, because I don't have to be Perfect anymore.

Thank you for one of the most important lessons of my life Dr. Hosch.

Written by K.A. on Oct 21, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 3 months

Dr. Hosch is a great counselor. He has helped me overcome a lot of issues. He is highly recommended.

Written by M.I. on Sep 18, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 3 weeks

Dr. Hosch has been extremely helpful

Written by N.A. on Aug 21, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship

After just a few sessions, I knew what I had to do in order to get my life in order. I appreciate Jason's insight and expertise!

Written by J.O. on Aug 15, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 2 weeks

Dr. Hosch is a great counselor. He listens to me and addresses my concerns. He offers his expert opinion with multiple ways to help solve my issues.

Written by J.E. on Aug 08, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 3 months on issues concerning relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, self esteem, anger management, and adhd

Jason has done a very good job and has made a difference in my life.

Written by J.U. on Jul 22, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship issues

I have only had one session with Dr. Hosch and have felt quite comfortable with our one hour session. I believe he has a lot of wisdom to help me through my struggles and help me to have a better grasp on, knowing how to use the right tools in order to make wise decisions about my situation, and to be overcomer in what ever life throws at me.

Written by G.R. on Jun 17, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 4 days on issues concerning relationship issues, self esteem, and career difficulties

Dr. Hosch is a straightforward, results-oriented doctor. In just two sessions I have already seen major improvements in my emotional and mental well-being. I am so grateful to work with him and can’t wait to see what else unfolds on my journey.

Written by D.E. on Jun 11, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 2 weeks

So far so good. He seems very knowledgeable about different things and about what I explain to him. Satisfied so far.

Written by S.T. on May 22, 2019 after counseling with Jason for 2 weeks

Dr. Hosch was a good match for me. He is right at the heart of the matter. I’ve just started therapy and I am hoping to make great progress with Dr. Hosch. I think he knows how to help mea help me!